Avondale goes green by establishing a brand-new charging station for electric vehicles (EVs) 

The devastating impacts of climate change and global warming on humanity are a wake-up call for many countries to reconsider their future economic development strategies. State governments continue to restructure their policies to accommodate the goals for sustainable energy. The state administrations continue to implement projects that boost technological advancements in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. The transportation industry is one of the leading emitters of CO2, increasing the global carbon footprint. Other industries top-ranking in high carbon emissions are energy and electricity generation, manufacturing, and industrial process such as heating—the initiatives for electrification in the transportation sector pioneer the adoption of zero-emission vehicles. 

The two approaches to the strategic plan advocate replacing fossil-fuel-powered vehicles engines with electric motors or hybrid cars. Huge investments from state governments and energy cooperations boost the advancement of electric vehicle technologies. Recently, a manufacturer of EV battery developed a revolutionary technology that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve their production process. Companies plan to release funding to roll-out the development of the infrastructure necessary for large-scale electric vehicle production. 

Avondale is among the cities that promised to go green. The city’s transition to clean energy comes when nations plan to adopt electrification of their transportation sector. Recently, Avondale commissioned its first-ever EV charging station for public owners of electric vehicles. Approximately 85,000 residents living in Western Phoenix are part of the city’s suburb. The newly commissioned charging station is in a parking lot in the Civic Center Library. The electric vehicle charger’s capacity of 11350 W can service two EVs concurrently. The station’s capability will benefit EV owners traveling through the institution and anticipating to add some extra battery charge for their journeys. 

The ChargePoint is a level two charging station that is open and free for public use. Avondale developed the charging system to charge $1 every hour for electric charging for more than two hours. Electric vehicle owners spending less than two hours pay nothing for the charging services. The municipal administration of Avondale city collaborated with energy utility companies such as APS and SRP to install the charging station. The project cost the city approximately $8,500 to buy and operate the EV charging station for five years. 

The Avondale administration anticipates that the brand-new ChargePoint will boost EVs’ transition by encouraging the residents to purchase more zero-emission vehicles. The strategy aims to eliminate emissions that increase Avondale’s carbon footprint. Carbon emissions from fossil-fuel-powered vehicles contribute to nearly 50 percent of the city’s emission of greenhouse gases. Danae Presler, the sustainability officer in Avondale, said that cars running on diesel or gasoline engines contribute to air pollution. In summary, the report indicated the necessity to electrify the city’s transportation industry.


By Andrew Davis

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