First World’s Satellite-5G Router Connectivity Showcased by KT SAT.

KT SAT CO carried out the initial world demonstration using the primary satellite-5G hybrid router broadcasting technology during the SatelliteAsia 2020 fair. KT SAT CO, a subsidiary of KT Corporation, the largest telecommunication company in South Korea, was responsible for the successful demonstration.

The technology that allows for smooth connectivity between a satellite and 5G was the brainchild of the KT SAT CO. and KT Institute of Convergence Technology, which lend to developing the technology in November las year. The presentation by KT SAT may have been a display on the company’s possibility of using satellites as their network standbys and encompass their use to communication broadcasting.

According to KT SAT CEO, Song Kyung-Min, the company’s participation in this year’s SatelliteAsia online exposition acted as a new page-turner in worldwide communication, especially with the Covid19 pandemic. As per the CEO, the company looks to showcase their competence in the satellite expertise and, at the same time, boost their presence and status in the global market. By showcasing its technological capabilities in satellites during the show, KT SAT will be hoping to add momentum to consolidate its position as a leading global satellite operator. The company looks to acquire a foothold on its universal outreach and grow its communication cable trade section.

The exposition is held annually in Singapore, where KT Sat CO. has been showcasing since 2014.  Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, this year’s expo was held online from September 29 to October 1. the company’s online booth during the expo displayed various contents about their satellite technology and services together with its satellite connectivity technology to other networks. The company had a set up that gave room for a real-time Q&A session between the visitors and its officials.

During the online expo, officials from KT SAT have been taking part in a forum that explores the next stage in South East Asia’s satellite information market. The panel discussions involve global players in the satellite operations.

The company is also exhibiting its new broadcasting communication services, a joint operation with KT Skylife, which is KT’s subsidiary and responsible for providing satellite broadcasting services. The main focus of these exhibitions by KT SAT is to introduce an Android-based set-top box and alterations in the market for Direct-to-Home (DTH) service, which is based on High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC).


By Andrew Davis

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