Microsoft unveils a new solar power technology for Ireland’s rooftops 

Humanity faces one of the most devastating threats; global climatic change. Raising temperatures leading to prolonged droughts and occasional heatwaves that claim human lives. Experts and environmentalists say that the significant leading factor is carbon emissions that gradually weaken the ozone layer, Earth’s force field against destructive radiations from the Sun. 

However, many initiatives continue to gear up towards cushioning the human race against total annihilation from advance climatic variations. On top of the list is the technologies developed to enhance the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. The energy industry’s developmental projects aim to gradually replace fossil fuels with renewables such as wind power, solar energy, wave and tidal energy, etc. 

Recently, Microsoft began the installation of solar panels on rooftops of schools in Dublin, Ireland. The company’s sustainability lead and chief software engineer said that the rooftop solar project is a novel step towards combating the effects due to climatic variations. SSE Airtricity, the largest green energy producer in Ireland, partnered with Microsoft to develop, install, and operate the new solar panels integrated with internet connection capabilities. SSE Airtricity provides 100% clean energy as a member of FTSE. 

The network operates and connects the Azure IoT to a cloud-based computing platform, the Microsoft Azure. The software programs aggregate, collects and analyzes data gathered in real-time from the panels’ energy generated and registered. The technology demonstrates a technique for Microsoft, other tech companies, and energy corporations to attain sustainability goals by reducing the carbon footprint from electricity production. Fossil-fuel-powered electricity production facilities are slowly becoming obsolete, even for large firms that channel electricity to the power grid. 

Initially, only small-scale electrical power generation companies implement small off-grid solar, but the recent technological advancements drew big-name companies’ attention in the energy industry. There is a growing popularity of the idea of using rooftops to install solar panels, especially for areas with limited land to establish massive solar farms such as in metropolitan cities and rapidly developing regions. The initiative leverages the numerous buildings constructed in the areas of limited space. 

Conor Kelly, the lead software engineer for Microsoft Azure IoT, said that there is a need to reduce the carbon levels in economies worldwide to prevent the catastrophic impact of climate change. The solution includes the focus on different energy sources for electricity production. The $1.1 million contributed by Microsoft helps build its reputation in funding projects to develop technologies that enhance renewable energy resources. Some of the energy industry milestones include the innovation of energy storage systems for renewable power. In summary, Microsoft invests in the projects that seek to minimize the carbon emission in its operations within the company’s data centers. 


By Andrew Davis

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