Forthcoming Maruti Rs 7 Lakh Electric Car

For an extended period, Maruti has been organizing to develop its EV together with the WagonR. However, there were rumors all over that Maruti has abandoned its plan of producing WagonR EV. Earlier on, the company had said that it would manufacture EVs once there is equipped infrastructure for these vehicles.

The following are the expectations of the forthcoming Maruti Rs 7 Lakh Electric car:

Charging time

The WagonR EV’s charging time would be about six hours, which is likely to give the vehicle a head start competing. The current EV rivals take over six hours to charge on AC. Maruti is also expected to bring a fast-charging option just like its competitors. For instance, the Nexon EV takes an hour to be fully charged via the Tata Power Fast Charging stations.


The WagonR EV has two charging inputs. One is in front (AC Charging ) and the other on the rear side(DC Charging). The WagonR EV’s range will be about 250km on a full charge. However, the range numbers can change depending on the charging time. Some EVs, such as Mercedes-Benz EqC, has a range of 430km, while the Nexon EV has a range of 312km. While using the DC fast charging, the driver can charge the battery up to 80% in one hour.


The WagonR EV is expected to have standard regenerative braking to enable it to have gained some additional range numbers so as to remain relevant with the competition. It will also offer wireless charging and Connected Car Technology.


The WagonR EV’s styling will not have much different. Its exterior is expected to remain the same, only that the company can add body-graphics to ensure that the vehicle stands out to be unique on its own. The interior fronts will also not change, and some additional space will be added in the center console where the gear-knob was being placed. The EV will provide an advanced infotainment system for full entertainment.

After final rolling out the WagonR EV, Maruti is expected to change the segment standard with this Rs 7 Lakh Electric Car. Right now, Maruti is in the process of testing over 50 WagonR EVs on various road conditions and weather. The WangonR EV’s price is between Rs 7 lakh-Rs 10 lakh; thus, it would be the cheapest EV throughout the country. It is expected to attract more taxi-owners who want a vehicle that is easy to maintain with low running costs.