Covid-19’s Silver Lining  

The Covid-19 virus laid waste to the year 2020. Several businesses and living sources have been affected, and many people cannot provide for their daily needs. However, there is a positive effect of this outcome; the planet got an opportunity to regenerate. There are reports that more individuals have to be aware of the importance of public health. 

Moreover, the renewable energy scene stands to benefit in essence. While Covid-19 ultimately caused a system shutdown for most economies, it also provided an allowance for economies to reset from the status quo. The lockdown opened a new mind-set to replace the conventional carbon-based forms of transportation. As economies restructure their economies, there is an opportunity to integrate renewable energy into the economy. 

As Covid-19, recedes countries have the chance to put in place measures that will push investment towards a sustainable future. The pandemic stands as an excellent example of why sustainable energy is essential for the world at large. There is a greater need to play sustainability at the forefront of the recovery process.

Renewable energy possibility has the capacity to counter long-standing climate conditions. By minimizing carbon emissions plan, the planet can recuperate and then back to the initial Natural setting. However, renewable energy also can provide new jobs including jobs in the innovation space, which can help develop new technologies to make life better. According to a report, an average of 25 jobs can come from a four million-dollar investment in renewable energy. Likewise, efficiency-based investments can generate close to 10 jobs.

There is a hidden potential in renewable energy for global economies. According to a report from the international renewable energy agency, renewable energy have the opportunity to increase global GDP by 98 trillion dollars. The sector also could create 63 million jobs by 2050. It is also applicable for adversely affected economies like India, which recorded job losses of close to 100 million jobs during the coronavirus outbreak. According to the report, such economies like India have been a city to generate 1.3 million full-time jobs if they attain generating and 60 gigawatts of energy by 2022.

The UK is not the only party that stands to benefit from shifting to renewable energy. Looking at China, there is an opportunity to minimize energy expenses realized from importing coal-based energy sources. Renewable energy sources are continuously setting themselves as less costly alternatives, and it is only a matter of time before they fully upgrade into world economies